product details
Thick accumulation and thin hair, maturity is freedom
Hot Paron upgrade again! Paron pro
both in appearance and sound quality, has been studied and pondered layer by layer. Finally, it stands out among the new forces! The collision between minimalist fashion and wood retro, combined with a more stable model design, shows the mature charm! Iron triangle dynamic magnetic cartridge to capture sound details; The speaker configuration is comprehensively upgraded to make every note vibrate and shock your ears!
Parameter details
Speed33/45 RPM
Power 70W
Power supply DC 15V 2.4A
Singing headDynamic magnetism
Stylus iron triangle dynamic magnetic cartridge
Tweeter size circle 2 inches, 8 Ω 10 watts
Subwoofer size circle 4 inches, 4 ohms and 30 watts
Function 2-speed disc / Bluetooth receptionPHONO/LINE OUT