Always The One

The new ORVOK has been comprehensively upgraded in sound quality, and adheres to the original intention of restoring the essence of music, greatly improving the frequency response range to present more sound details and create a more flexible auditory language.
Inspired by the 20th century suitcase, ORVOK is made of lychee textured leather and old brass. The overall shape is light, easy to match with a variety of atmosphere scene, color rich, with color match your unique personality.


No need to roar, hit the floor

MANTY with unprecedented strong sound quality! It’s loud and penetrating extremely. Belt drive effectively reduce motor vibration, the stability of the audio source to sound natural. MANTY in strengthening sound performance at the same time, do to the body material updated as well, optimize material, more advanced technology to strengthen the wood texture. Not only that, MANTY let you under any circumstances, can be enjoy a exclusive "music world”.