Lead creation,
Constantly explore innovative product design.
The brand-new R&D section
focuses on the R&D of music playing products,
conducting thorough investigation of user requirements,
designing professionally and manufacturing with heart and wisdom.
“Design+intellectual manufacture”,
SYITREN R&D Center understands design and better understand products.
R & D center

Syitren research and development center Combining with the music playing products in the existing market,
it takes customer demand as the core,
scene as thornerstone,
thus incubating creativity.
Continuous push
R&D Center updates Stay tuned
Considering that it doesn’t stop at color matching design, it is developed from the appearance of box, product structure and functional configuration, developing from multiple perspectives. With the creation of products and equipment with high application
R&D center launches new products
CD player+Audio
electronics makes listening to music easier and more convenient
Vision+Structure Innovation|Originality Design| Appearance Patent
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