product details
Experience the king experience in all-in-one machine
Growing savagely in prejudice, PARON has truly broken the magic spell of the all-in-one machine, showing superb presentation from texture to sound. The retro styling and HIFI sound quality make these cross-era black glue regain a new “sound”!
Parameter details
Power supply AC100- -240V, DC output 12V 1500mA
Power 35W
Speed33 1/3, 45 RPM
Impedance 4Ω 18W X 2(BT), 5WX 2(PH)
Dimension440 x 370 x 192mm (closed) 440 x 425 X 462mm (open)
Net weight 6.05 kg
Stylus model iron triangleAT3600
Frequency response20Hz - 20kHz
Communication balance2.5dB
Channel separation18dB
Output voltage 2. 5mV
Search result 47kQ; Connect the amplifier