product details
Pick it up, pack the sound and take it away.
Compared with the colorful colors of ORVOK, ARTEN pursues the deep cultivation of retro texture in modeling. The design of suitcase restores the design of portable record player in Europe and America in the early last century, and the matching of black and brown colors makes the whole more delicate. At the same time, the moving magnetic recording pickup on the hardware and the built-in speaker all protect the sound quality experience!
Parameter details
Loudspeaker 4Q 3W*2
Bluetooth version 4.2
Audio outputAUX (3.5mm) /RCA audio output
Audio input AUX (3.5mm) audio input
Speed support 33/3/45/ 78rpm
Record size 7/10/12 inches
Pickup typeMM moving magnetic pickup
Stylus model iron triangle AT-3600L
The net weight of fuselageabout 3Kg
The size of the fuselageabout 350*400*355mm (open)
Other functions support speed fine adjustment/automatic stop function