product details
Extreme retro, the sound crossing
Although there are too many retro styles, how many dare to achieve the ultimate? CALTUS is different from the temperament of this era, with all-wood box and geometric atmosphere. The heavy texture and extraordinary experience completely restore the use atmosphere of the original vinyl phonograph. At the same time, it gives attention to the key points of sound quality. The moving magnetic recording pickup and the adjustment of high and low sound are all the escorts for the advanced sound feeling. Owning a CALTUS is extremely bold.
Parameter details
Power supply12V500mA
Loudspeaker80 5W*2
Speed support 33/3/45/ 78rpm
Record size support 7/10/12"
Bluetooth version Bluetooth connection is not supported
Audio interface AUX input /AUX output /RCA output
Other functions support USB record transcription/support automatic arm return
Dimensionabout 430*310*190mm