When it comes to a company that insists on and persists in the pursuit of music, it is exactly Syitren. From the year of 1958 to 2018, it has constantly given music a new definition. At the start of the company, when vinyl was at its peak, Syitren explored its own path among competitors with the unique musical taste. Later, when vinyl disappeared gradually but CDs became popular, Syitren was not afraid to face the challenge, which broke the rules and made innovation time after time. As a result, Syitren has emerged with the times, and has been getting achievements in successive changes,  which has also led music lovers to find the ideal utopia in their hearts with the pursuit of super-high quality.

With the coming of the 21st century, Syitren has not only had a place in the international market, but more importantly, it is no longer just a brand, but has become an attitude of eternal youth. Its diversity and trendy nature continue to exude charm, which created music vitality exclusively for Syitren with great enthusiasm and keen senses. In every place where it is devoted to fine quality of sound and music transmission, there is Syitren to make the escort. For today's Syitren, it not only has trendy fashion and unconventional external beauty, but also retains the traditional music fidelity of the empty inspiration and immersive sense of the scene. With half a century of persistence, not blindly following the fashion, doing not deliberately exaggerate, and leading the time at the same time, it focuses on creating excellent sound quality, so that it can make collision with you every time, so as to make every young soul have a place to live with Syitren.

From the year of 1958 to 2018, Syitren, which has undergone many vicissitudes but still maintained a young soul, led the trend with bold innovation and built a splendid musical land with half a century of perseverance. This forever youthful attitude has given Syitren the freshest blood and has become a synonym for guaranteeing the quality of music and for fashion,and internationalization. It aims to create the ultimate quality of music, so that every note through Syitren is full of vitality and perception, which will give you the most unique music experience, so as to make music become a window for you to communicate with the world. Let every place where is dedicated to the delicate sound quality and the dissemination of music have the escort of Syitren. Syitren has created a musical utopia with its own unique brand style, and Syitren can be your habitat as long as you have a young soul, which is regardless of your age and occupation.